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CIIA ( Certified International Investment Analyst)

Certified Risk Manager:

Increasing globalisation of investment markets mean the world's key financial institutions are integrating their operations across the major financial centres of the world. Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA®) opens doors to International Finance and Investment.

CIIA® is an internationally recognised, advanced professional qualification that combines a globally applicable Common Knowledge Base with expertise in local regulations and market practices.

A flexible, internationally recognised qualification, CIIA® examines candidates at a high standard and in a practical fashion in the global areas that are necessary to pursue a career in the investment profession, and also in the local topic areas of their respective home markets.

The Association of Certified International Investment Analysts, ACIIA® is an international umbrella organisation comprising national and regional associations of investment professionals that awards the Certified International Investment Analysts (CIIA® ) designations. Since its foundation in 2000, ACIIA® has established itself as a valuable forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and education in the international investment field.

In some countries in Europe and the Americas, regulators recognise the CIIA® designation as a relevant qualification. In the United Kingdom the ACIIA® has an awarding body status and the CIIA® is recognised by FSA (Financial Services Authority) as a Key 2 qualification. In the US the CIIA® holders are recognised by PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association) as the equivalent of passing the first two required exams. LOMA, also headquartered in the US recognises the CIIA® designation for Professional Achievement Credits (PACs) in its Fellow, Financial Services Institute (FFSI) Programme.

The Association of International Wealth Management India (AIWMI) is the Indian Associate Member of ACIIA® and offers the CIIA® certification in the Indian sub-continent.

CIIA® is the passport you need as employers recognise the advantage of hiring mobile professionals with qualifications that will enable them to work in any international financial centre.

Achieving CIIA®

Regular Route:
To be awarded the CIIA® , candidates must pass two levels of Common Knowledge Exams, a National/Regional Exam, and have 3 years experience working in the domain of financial analysis, portfolio management, and/or financial services in general.

The Common Knowledge Exams are divided into two levels - the Foundation and Final Level. The National/Regional Exam is set in India by AIWMI and it examines the knowledge of specific markets including local legal requirements, regulation, taxation and market practices.

Experienced Qualified Candidate (EQC) Route
EQC route is available for finance professionals in good standing, who are deemed to have sufficient knowledge/skills based on factors such as years of experience in the profession of investment analysis (but have not necessarily passed any national examination). The minimum eligibility for a candidate to enrol under the EQC route is a specialized qualification in finance and a minimum of 3years of relevant work experience.

CIIA® Learning Mode

The curriculum for the CIIA® Common Knowledge Exams covers the subject matters of:Ÿ
Equity valuation and analysis
Financial accounting and statement analysisŸ
Corporate financeŸ
Fixed income valuation and analysisŸ
Derivative valuation and analysisŸ
Portfolio management
The exam format for the Foundation Level is multiple choice questions, calculations , discursive and short essay questions. The Final Level exam format would mainly consist of full and mini case-study questions and in-depth essay.

The CIIA® National Exam in India is designed by AIWMI and it examines knowledge of Indian Financial Markets in specific.

The curriculum for the CIIA® National Exam covers the subject matter of: Ÿ
Financial statements analysis
Market structures and instruments