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Professional Risk Manager (PRM)

Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Certification:

The Professional Risk Manager (PRM) qualification sets you apart from other risk management professionals. It shows that you are a leader in the field and that you are committed to your professional development.

Passing the four PRM exams is challenging and requires months of dedicated study as well as hands-on risk management experience. In addition to risk management fundamentals and professional ethics, you need a deep understanding of finance theory, financial markets, and mathematics.

Improve your chances of success with the online PRM Certification Course from Vast Talent.

The PRM Certification Course is not just another online course: it includes all the information for all four exams, hundreds of practice questions, online forums where you can interact with other candidates, a calendar function to help you manage your time, and access to experts.

What are the benefits of the PRM Certification Course?
Study at your own pace whenever you want (and keep your weekends to yourself)
Over 600 practice questions & tutorials give you a feel for the real exam
No books to carry around with you
Full support from experts and other PRM candidates
Online risk management program is updated frequently and you always have the latest information
Customer support by chat, email and telephone keeps you at ease
Quizzes and practice questions give you a feel for the real exam
PRM course is prepared by risk management experts in accordance with PRMIA guidelines
Includes technical formulae and risk management models
This course is a complete stand-alone resource for the PRM, meaning that you don't need any other study materials.
But it also complements your existing classroom courses or study guides too.
Best of all, we guarantee that you will pass the PRM Exam after joining our course. Visit us to know more about our PRM Success Guarantee.

Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Certification Course Details

About the Professional Risk Manager (PRM) exam:

The PRM exam is offered on every business day.
Exam results are available within 15 business days of the exam date
PRMIA recommends that you register at least 30 days in advance
You will forfeit your PRM exam fees if you no-show or cancel within 5 business days your exam date
Professional Risk Manager certificates are usually mailed within 45 days of passing the PRM exam